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The Doctor Desk - Starting At

The Doctor Desk - Starting At


The first Doctor Desk was made for a client based on her request for a light colored wood and a simple contemporary look.  Rob used re-purposed Beech wood taken from a local bourbon distillery warehouse.  The top of this desk featured the nail holes from the former flooring.

Another version featured Red Oak that was re-purposed from a 60 year old church pew. Rob purposefully left the markings from it's previous use so the piece would "tell a story". 

Rob's attention to detail also included hand cut dovetail joints on the drawers of both pieces.  The Beech version had a high gloss finish while the Red Oak version had a satin finish. The drawers also included partitions and a pencil trough for the functional storage of small items. 


The desk measures approximately 54" long, 30" tall and 22" deep.

Custom designs are invited. 

Prices may vary depending on the type of wood and specific requests.  

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